Sweet Rest

“Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 KJV). Jesus knew that there would be times in our lives when we would get worn down and not want to go on with our interests. But, He also made a way for us to release that tired feeling to Him. There are three ways that we can feel tired. The first one is physically. During this day and time, we catch ourselves running from here to there and never taking the time to rest for ourselves. If we do this long enough, we run ourselves down. This can open the door up to other illnesses. We need to make sure we get a consistent bed time going and do things that are relaxing for us. You can take a walk, listen to music or anything that relaxes you. The second type of weariness is emotional. When you have been through many things at a time, it will take a toll on your emotions. Make sure that you stay in touch with your feelings and deal with them. I recently had to do that when I had a blister come up on the foot where my toe was amputated and had to go back into the boot. I was so ready to get the boot off and move on to walking and was so frustrated, but I pushed that emotion down and didn’t want to deal with it because I was “strong in Jesus.”. This leads me to my third point. When we become weary and don’t deal with our emotions, we become weary in our spiritual life. I had quit really being in the Word, or listening to what the Holy Spirit would have me say on here. But when I let go of those negative emotions, I received His rest. He gave me a fresh word and anointing to speak it. So if you are struggling with any of these areas, bring it to Jesus and lay it down. Then He will cause you to lie down in sweet rest.

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